22 Ltr

22 Ltr

- shaped float end ensures less drag and streamline profile
- reduces risk of entaglement
- made in two sections that can be either bolted or strapped together around the hose or pipe
- adaptable internal urethane spacers that suit hose/pipe diameters from 10mm to 130mm
- stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers
- high impact and UV resistant polyethylene
- flaots have the option of polyurethane foam filling
- capacity is based on fully submerged float

Part No. Foam Filled Inside Diameter (mm) Outside Diameter x Length (mm) Capacity Litres Unit Kg.
FL3010 No 10 - 130 300 x 600 22 4
FL3009 Yes 10 - 130 300 x 600 22 4.5

*Internal spacer discs designed for FL3010 slurry collar float. These discs can be easily machined to suit actual piping sizing while offering a supportive cradle clamp to the hose or pipe.


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