Dry Disconnect

OPW&#174 Epsilon® - Concave/ Convex Full Full Flow Shut-off

OPW® Epsilon® - Concave/ Convex Full Full Flow Shut-off

OPW®, U.S.A.

EPSILON® Applications:
- Bulk Storage
- In-plant Processing
- Reactor Units
- Filtration Units
- Tank Car
- Railcar

- Spring-energised TFM or PFA U-cup sealing
- Male and female lug and flange connection interfaces
- Independent and multi-level safety interlocks
- Polyurethane dust cap or stainless steel pressure cap
- Available in 3/4", 1", 1-1/2, 2" and 3"
- Available in stainless steel and Hastelloy®*
- FDA compliant seal materials
- Double ball valve system (concave & convex ball) to prevent chemical spills & gas emissions.
- Closed Loop system; no open connections

- Dry Disconnect Reliability - Low spill face seal reduces amount of loss upon disconnect.
- Enhanced Environmental Compliance - Positive shut-off of coupling halves eliminates line contamination and accidental release of potentially hazardous fluids into the environment during connections and    disconnection.
- Full Flow - Straight-through flow path provides unrestricted flow in either direction, minimising pressure drop.
- Unparalleled Safety - Multiple safety interlocks eliminate unintentional spills and catastrophic chemical releases that threaten worker safety and the environment.
- Prevents Cross-Contaminaiton - Optional keyed couplings mechanically lock out and isolate transfer lines.

*Hastelloy®  is a registered trademark of Haynes International, Inc.


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