Dry Disconnect

Dry Gas Couplings

Dry Gas Couplings


Designed for safe loading and discharge of bobtails or intermediate bulk delivery trucks and transfer to and from rail cars. Quick and easy to connect, can be connected to a tank unit with pressures up to 225 PSI at ambient temperature (70oF). If the pressure is higher you can equip the couplings with a pressure relief valve. The easy to connect pressure relief valve dissipates trapped fluid pressure into the hose coupler without spillage. The primary application for dry gas couplings is in the handling of LPG - Propane and Butane. 

- Safe handling of LPG, Propane and Butane and hazardous gases or fluids
- Easy to use and saves time
- Reliable and easy to maintain
- Can be coupled to a tank unit with pressure up to 225 PSI
- Minimises the risk of cold burns 
- Minimises spillage and product loss
- Minimises health risks
- Keeps the environment free of hazardous vapors and liquids
- Compatible with existing dry disconnect couplings
- Stainless steel and brass/ gunmetal (produced to US government bronze specification G)
- FKM (FPM) seals
- Female NPT, female ACME and ASA flanges
- Working pressure: 360 PSI at ambient temperature (70oF)
- Composite (Polyeten PE-HD 300) plug to provide good protection in harsh environments
- Approvals according to the European Directives PED and ATEX and the international requirements ADR, RID, IMDG and TDT.

1" (Ø56 mm), 2" (Ø71 mm), 3" (Ø119 mm), 4" (Ø164 mm), 6" (Ø238 mm) and 8" (Ø272 mm)

Gunmetal/ Brass and Stainless Steel 316L

Seal Options:
- Standard material: FPM (Viton®) or NBR (Nitrile) according to EN549 B2/ H3
- On request: EPDM, Kalrez®, NBR Low temp, Perfluorelastomer (FFPM), Fluorsilicone rubber (MFQ), Chemraz® and Viton® GF

Temperature Range:
-20oC (-4oF) to 80oC (176oF) (larger temperature range from -50oC (-58oF) up to +200oC (392oF) is possible, depending on Seal material)

Max Working Pressure:
MWP 25 bar/ MAWP 300 psi

Min. Burst Pressure:
125 bar/ 1813 psi

Safety Factor:

End Connections:
BSP-, NPT-, ACME, DIN- and ASA- flanges. Other connections on request.

* Kalrez® is a registered trademark of DuPontTM.
VitonTM and TeflonTM are registered trademarks of the Chemours company.
* Chemraz® is a registered trademark of Greene, Tweed & Co.


Available 1" - 8", in various configurations, threads, flange ends and/or handles.
Please discuss your requirements with any of our Sales representatives.

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