Part C - Hose Barb x Coupler

Part C - Hose Barb x Coupler


Universal Camlock Part C with one end hose connector and other end camlock coupler.  Available in 4 materials.

Size Aluminum Brass Stainless Steel Polypropylene
1/2" 05CAL 05CBR 05CSS 05CPP
3/4" 07CAL 07CBR 07CSS 07CPP
1" 10CAL 10CBR 10CSS 10CPP
1-1/4" 12CAL 12CBR 12CSS 12CPP
1-1/2" 15CAL 15CBR 15CSS 15CPP
2" 20CAL 20CBR 20CSS 20CPP
2-1/2" 25CAL 25CBR 25CSS X
3" 30CAL 30CBR 30CSS 30CPP
3-1/2" X X X X
4" 40CAL 40CBR 40CSS 40CPP
5" 50CAL 50CBR 50CSS X
6" 60CAL 60CBR 60CSS X
8" X X X X


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